Guilded Age

Guilded Age | Q4 - 2022

The deck-building, dice-rolling hero management game! Will you hire the right heroes to propel your Guild into prestigious heights ahead of your rivals?

Will you prosper where others fail? Complete challenging contracts and take the prestige in Guilded Age!


Guild Master: Langris | 2021-2022

In Guild Master: Langris, you take on the role of Rudne Orndawn, a young woman born on the island of Langris, but returning after many years at the behest of her grandmother. Upon her return, she is granted a rare opportunity to become the guildmaster of a new guild and fulfill the wish of her grandmother by building a guild to last the ages.

By increasing your rank in any of the 5 major attributes, Power, Magic, Wealth, Wisdom, or Culture, you will unlock new features for your guild, access to new recruits, and even privileges that come with increased Prestige!

But be careful, being known guarantees attention, and not all who are attentive have the best interests in mind...

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